Cloud Gremlins
Rainbow Dash Micro-Series
Cloud Gremlins
Kind Gremlins
Sex Male
Residence Equestria
Do. Not. Mess. With. Us.

– The lead Gremlin threatening Rainbow Dash.

The two Cloud Gremlins are the main antagonists of the Rainbow Dash Micro-Series. They try to block out the sun to make everyone miserable.


The smaller Gremlin appears to take inspiration from the 1984 film Gremlins, with large ears, claws, and a similar body type, though he also has wings. Both Gremlins are a light purple, and wear purple flight gear.

History in the comicsEdit

Rainbow DashEdit

Whilst doing a Sonic Rainboom, Rainbow Dash flies too fast and slams into a storm-cloud. When inside the cloud, the Gremlins taunt her, never revealing themselves, and delight in making her miserable. They throw balls of snow or cloud at her, before the smaller Gremlin's face appears in the cloud as a stormy apparition. The face threatens and mocks her, and they throw her off the cloud. Spitfire catches her.

The Gremlins block out the sun with their cloud for weeks, making all the inhabitants of Ponyville unhappy. The Gremlins watch Rainbow from their cloud home.

Rainbow later flies back up to the cloud to confront the Gremlins, who taunt her more. The smaller Gremlin leaps off the cloud and attacks Rainbow's face, and they fall through the air, before he throws Rainbow Dash back down to the ground.

Rainbow flies back up to the cloud as the Gremlins make a red lightning bolt, and ties up the cloud with a rope, which only makes it bigger and stronger. They turn the rope into a black, gooey substance, and attack Rainbow Dash with it, sending her back to the ground. She then leaves, with a plan.

The Gremlins watch as she does another Sonic Rainboom, which becomes a Sonic Double Rainboom. This cheers up the citizens of Ponyville, and the sudden positivity causes the Gremlin's cloud to explode into rainbows, throwing them away into the sky.

The Cloud Gremlins later appear in Rainbow's nightmare in The Return of Nightmare Moon, wathcing through a hole in the clouds.


"To rain on your parade, little pony. Run and never come back. We're here for your tears and your broken heart. We'll drink up your sorrow and feast on your fear. We've swum in sadness you wouldn't believe. Ponies sobbing off the shoulders of Orion. We've seen rainbows glitter with sadness near the Tannhauser Gate. All these moments we collect in time, your tears our rain. Little pony... time to cry."
Rainbow Dash Micro-Series
"What fools these ponies be."
Rainbow Dash Micro-Series
"Ah, the happiness! The goggles, they do nothing!"
Rainbow Dash Micro-Series